Uppsala Lecture in Human Geography 22 oktober 2018

Environmental Deregulation, Spectacular Racism, and White Nationalism in the Trump Era

Professor Laura Pulido, University of Oregon.
Måndag 22 oktober kl. 15.15. Fika kl. 14:45.
Uppsala universitet, Universitetshuset, sal IV.

Abstract: In this talk Professor Pulido shares research which compares the environmental and racist agendas of the first year of the Trump administration. With colleagues she has found that the racist agenda was far more chaotic and included relatively few policy actions in comparison to the environmental deregulatory agenda. The push to deregulate was extremely well-orchestrated on
multiple levels and consisted of far more policy actions versus rhetoric. She argues that Trump’s spectacular racism is at least partly designed to nurture a white-nationalist base while obscuring vast regulatory changes in the environmental arena.

Laura Pulido is Professor of Geography and Ethnic Studies, and Chair of the Dept. of Ethnic Studies, at the University of Oregon. She works at the intersection of geography and critical ethnic studies, especially Chicanx Studies, to explore how racial, class and gender hierarchies shape places and how places inform racial and economic processes. She has published widely in academic and popular venues, and is the author and editor of several books, including Black Brown Yellow & Left: Radical Activism in Los Angeles (California, 2006), A People’s Guide to Los Angeles (w/ L. Barraclough & W. Cheng, California, 2012).

Uppsala Lecture in Human Geography 22 oktober 2018 (pdf)