Vegadagen 2024

Tid: Måndagen 22 april 2024, klockan 09.00–12.00.

Plats: Beijersalen, Kungliga Vetenskapsakademin, KVA, Lilla Frescativägen 4 A, Stockholm (tunnelbanestation Universitetet; busshållplats Universitetet norra)

Occupations and the Occupied: Agency, Expertise, and Patronage in Wartime and Postwar Historical Cartographies

The 2024 Vega Symposium honors Steven Seegel, Distinguished University Professor at University of Texas (UT) USA, who has been awarded SSAG’s Vega Medal 2024 for his scientific contributions to Human Geography.

Steven Seegel has made important contributions to the field of critical cartography and political geography and is recognized as one of the foremost experts on the study of cartography in and about Eastern and Central Europe, in particular Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Germany. In his recent book Map Man, Steven Seegel provides an insightful analysis of the development of geography as a discipline in Eastern and Central Europe. He shows in this book how the seemingly systematic ways offered by the young discipline of geography for mapping a complex and diverse borderland actually reflected, for better or worse, the various political preferences of the cartographers and/or the geopolitical interests of their rulers. The manner in which maps and cartography are political technologies of empire are themes in Seegel’s research.

The Symposium will focus on the theme Occupations and the Occupied: Agency, Expertise, and Patronage in Wartime and Postwar Historical Cartographies.


09:00 Opening of the Vega Symposium.
Dr. Madeleine Bonow, President SSAG and Chair of the symposium.

09:10 Introduction
Dr. Brian Kuns, Moderator of the symposium.

09:20 On the Historical Cartography of Ukraine and Maps in Times of War.
Professor Steven Seegel, University of Texas, (UT) Texas.

10:00 The Commission has Refused any Popular Consultation: Mapping the Austrian-Bohemian Border after WWI. PhD candidate.
Tess Megginson The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

10:20 Coffee

10:50 Genuine Inquiry and Human Agency under Occupation: Lessons from the History of Geographic and Cartographic Reasoning.
Dr. Peter Nekola Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois.

11:10 Academic cartography in Vienna 1939-1945: actors, funders and political context.
Dr. Petra Svatek Austrian Academy of Sciences and University of Vienna, Vienna.

11:30 Discussion

12:00 Closing of the Symposium

Most Welcome!

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