SSAG is an abbreviation for the Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography. The association has over a century of history with several well-known geographical explorers, professors and scientists among its members. The society’s chief patron has since 1878 been the King of Sweden. In addition to regular activities during its early history, the society organized expeditions to explore Earth’s last unmapped areas. In memory of these early expeditions, the society awards several travel grants for research purposes.

According to the society’s statutes, the main objective of the association is…

”…to promote the development of anthropology, geography, and closely related sciences in Sweden, to serve as a connecting link between scientists within these disciplines and the public, to initiate and maintain relations with foreign societies, which follow some rules, and to support research in these knowledge areas.” (§ 1 of the society’s statutes).

The association is open to everyone with an interest in geography or anthropology. However, geography has come to play a more prominent role in the society than anthropology.

Statutes and regulations