A member of SSAG gets:

  • The yearbook Ymer. Each year, various themes are dealt with, mainly by geographers and anthropologists. The book is in Swedish and makes scientific results available for members, researchers, students and others. The book is printed in full color.
  • All issues of SSAG’s journal kritisk etnografi: the Swedish Journal of Anthropology, by e-mail.
  • Invitation to SSAG’s excursions. The society organises occasional excursions within or outside Sweden. After agreement with an university department, an excursion may give credits within the postgraduate education.
  • Invitation to SSAG’s gatherings. Each year the society arranges a number of gatherings with lectures.
  • Opportunity to apply for SSAG’s scholarships. One of the society’s most important tasks is to award research grants from its funds. These are primarily awarded graduate students for travels and other expenses related to research. In order to obtain scholarships you have to be a member.
  • Invitation to the Vega Day. The most solemn gathering is the Vega Day on April 24 (or directly adjacent to this day). Then SSAG arranges a symposium with international speakers. In connection with the Vega Day, the medals of the year are handed out. The theme of the Vega Day alternates between physical geography, human geography and social anthropology.

Join us

Welcome to become a member (“ledamot” [fellow] in the SSAG’s statutes) in SSAG! Please follow the link below (to the “Föreningshuset” website), complete the form and pay the annual fee.

Yearly membership is SEK 200. If you become a new member and pay the annual fee October 1 or later during the year, the membership also applies for the next calendar year.

Join the Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography

Change information and see notices

A member of SSAG can change membership information, such as address or e-mail address, on ”Min sida” [My page] at the “Föreningshuset” website. On the page notices about fees to SSAG are available.

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