Vegadagen 2018

Vegasymposiet 2018 äger rum den 24 april.

Resurgent Nationalisms and Populist Politics

Instead of the triumph of liberal democracy, the end of the Cold War coincided with waves of right-wing nationalisms and populist politics sweeping over many different regions of the world. How best are we to understand these processes in relation to one another, and what are the political stakes? The symposium will engage these questions from the perspective of critical human geography and related disciplines.

Gillian Hart
Contesting Nationalisms in the Time of Populist Politics

Tova Höjdestrand
Fatherland, Faith, and Family Values: Glocalized Grassroots Populism in Russia

Kanishka Goonewardena
Culture, Space, Capital: Making Sense of Sinhala-Buddhist National Ideology in Sri Lanka (1977–2009)

Manu Goswami
The Political Economy of the Nation Form

Professor emerita Gillian Hart.

Vegamedajlen till professor emerita Gillian Hart och Johan August Wahlbergs medalj i guld till professor emeritus Arild Holt-Jensen

2018 års Vegamedalj tilldelas Gillian Hart, Professor of Geography vid University of California, Berkeley, USA, och Distinguished Professor vid Humanities Graduate Centre, University of the Witwatersrand, Sydafrika.

”Professor emerita Hart has established a worldwide reputation as one of human geography’s leading thinkers: an unrivalled expert on the dialectic of global and local change, on how this dialectic plays out in the rural regions of Southern Africa and Southeast Asia, and on the Gramscian political-economic theory to which she has often turned to understand these issues. Professor emerita Hart is a world-renowned expert on questions of gender, race and power that she has explored through critical engagements with labor studies, development studies, and agrarian and regional studies.

Hart has authored over 50 articles and book chapters, and co-edited two influential anthologies, and three sole-authored monographs:

  • Power, Labor, and Livelihood (1986), which originated in her dissertation fieldwork in a Central Javanese village, and which forcefully challenged prevailing economistic and Eurocentric understandings of agrarian change in Southeast Asia;
  • Disabling Globalization (2002) that engaged critically with discourses of “globalisation” and, at the same time, explored progressive alternatives to neoliberalism in South Africa; and
  • Rethinking the South African Crisis (2014), which examines the erosion of African National Congress hegemony and the proliferation of populist politics in the light of the contradictory development of local governance in the post-apartheid era.”

Professor emeritus Arild Holt-Jensen.

Johan August Wahlbergs medalj i guld tilldelas 2018 professor emeritus Arild Holt-Jensen, Institutt for geografi, Universitet i Bergen, Norge, för hans helhetssyn på geografi som vetenskap med dess tillämpningar för samhällsplanering.

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Chinese scientist Yao Tandong receives 2017 Vega Medal in Stockholm (Xinhuanet, Nya Kina)
Chinese scientist Yao Tandong receives 2017 Vega Medal in Stockholm (China Global Television Network, CGTN)
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